USB Ultrasonic Humidifier

USB Ultrasonic Humidifier



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  • ☘Environmental Protection Material - Use PET material, environmental protection non-toxic, can be used as drinking water bottle material
  • ☘Ultrasonic Microporous Atomization Technology - Fog more uniform and delicate, effectively block the static electricity, moisture directly to the bottom of the skin, so that the skin to maintain moisture and luster
  • ☘Novel Design - The bottom design can be placed from different angles; Environmental protection stones play an important role in product bearing, stones have the function of absorbing magazines; Artificial plant decoration; Smiley face switch adds fun to your use; Colorful gradient, with set the color you like
  • ☘400ML Large Capacity - The high transparent water tank can observe the water level at any time. The inside of the water tank has amplification effect, and it can easily find the bacteria that have been put out for too long, so that you can change the water in time
  • ☘For Your Product Life Longer - I suggest you use tap water, mineral water, do not suggest that you add essential oils, vinegar, perfume

Why use it?

Increase air humidity
with the improvement of people's living standards, air-conditioning widely used, resulting in tight skin, dry mouth, cough, cold and other air conditioning disease breeding. This product in the atomization process, the release of a large number of negative oxygen ions, can effectively increase the indoor humidity, moisten dry air, and combined with the precipitation and air floating smoke, dust, can effectively remove the paint smell, musty, smoke and odor, more fresh air, to protect you and your family's health.

Nourish the skin, make your skin keep beauty and vitality
Hot summer and dry winter lead to excessive loss of skin moisture, accelerate the senescence of life, this product moist air to keep the vitality of the cells, create fog oxygen, nourish the skin, promote blood circulation and cell The new supersedes the old. relieve nervous tension, eliminate fatigue, make you feel very good.

0 radiation
Nano atomization water molecules
Instant penetration
Relieve dry skin
Soothing decompression
Eliminate fatigue
Effectively improve a variety of skin problems
Powered by Computer / Connector / Power Bank


•It is strictly prohibited to use in anhydrous
•Before usage, please fully dip the cotton swab into water for 1-2 minutes and fill the bottle with water for better function
•Please pour the water out when in not use for long time
•Regularly with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol cleaning spray mouth
•Cann't directly into the water or the tap wash down, Please use a damp cloth or damp sponge to wipe clean directly.
•If you need to add the essential oil (perfume), just adding one drop is enough, too much will damage the product directly

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